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BoxSTRONG Plans & Empowered Nutrition Guide below..

  • Don't Miss This!

    First Session Free

    Your first session is on us!
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Reserve a spot in your first BoxSTRONG session
  • 30 Session Package

    Valid for one year
    • Reserve spot in BoxSTRONG Sessions
    • One pair of Ringside Boxing Wraps
  • 15 Session Package

    Valid for 9 months
    • Reserve spot in BoxSTRONG sessions
    • One Pair of Ringside Boxing Wraps
  • Drop In Session

    Perfect if you want to take it one class at a time!
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Reserve a spot in one single BoxSTRONG session
    • Before you proceed, did you use your "First Session Free"?
  • Nutrition Guidebook

    Inspired by & written for BoxSTRONG Members
    • Empowered Nutrition eBook
    • Educates on Nutritional Needs
    • Provides Individualized Energy Requirements
    • Tips & Tricks to stay on track
    • Favorite Recipes from BoxSTRONG members
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