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Beginning in June 2022, Julia will be serving our community with her company EMPOWERED NUTRITION as BoxSTRONG’s exclusive Nutrition Coach.  Julia has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Nutrition as well as plenty of continuing education personally pursued to provide the best coaching experience possible for her clients.  

Julia is a founding member of BoxSTRONG.  She has truly been with us since our inception.  She now sits on our leadership team as one of our Certified Level One Boxing Trainers.  Julia has the unique perspective of training within the BoxSTRONG program and understands the nutritional needs that our fighters require.  She also is within our community, hearing about your goals, obstacles, interests & more.  With this vantage point, she has developed a heart for serving this community & designed her company, Empowered Nutrition, with you in mind!


Julia will educate and encourage you to take control of your eating styles with a science based approach.  She is committed to providing personalized coaching tailored to each client's unique experience and needs through open communication, compassion and accountability.  Empowering you toward goal achievement is her priority! 

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Empowered Nutrition

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with Julia Yaccich

Empowered Nutrition longs to serve you through two platforms:

  • First, Julia is publishing her first eBook, inspired by and written for BoxSTRONG.  Her eBook is a general nutrition guide which will educate you on your nutrition needs, establish individualized energy requirements unique to each member, and offer tips and tools on how to stay on track.  Also featured are Favorite Recipes from our very own BoxSTRONG members!  Click below to purchase!

Nutrition Guidebook



Inspired by & written for BoxSTRONG Members

Valid until canceled

Empowered Nutrition eBook

Educates on Nutritional Needs

Provides Individualized Energy Requirements

Tips & Tricks to stay on track

Favorite Recipes from BoxSTRONG members

  • Second, Julia will be accepting clients for a one on one coaching experience. If you are looking for a personalized approach to nutrition with a coach who equips and empowers you to take control, then applying for a one on one experience under her excellent coaching will be the next right step for you.  Click below to apply for monthly Coaching with Julia!

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