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LOCATION  (We've recently relocated!)

1024 Third Avenue

New Brighton, PA 15066


Please know that community is waiting to welcome you!  Tap into it by connecting on our various community exclusive platforms:


Wix Spaces App

BoxSTRONG Crew Facebook Group

You can find our public social media accounts linked below!


Our community is melting pot of women and men from various towns in our area and even spans nationally as we remain open to any and all members who ever stepped through our doors.  Our general schedule of classes is geared toward adults.  We ask that participants only register who are 16+ and do so with an adult present.  We have Kids Clinics and other student programming scattered through our schedule which can be found featured on our social media pages.  


If you enter our facility when a class is in session, please make your way through the Studio and head to our Lounge in the back of our space.  Help yourself to our Dressing Room & Restroom, and begin to wrap, change your shoes and prepare for class.  Once the Boxing Studio is clear, you can locate a full equipped station where you will reside for class. 


For your First Session, we will supply you everything you need to be successful upon arrival.  You will be offered a pair of our gloves to borrow unless you already have your own!  However, going forward, you will need a pair of boxing gloves.  Linked here is an affordable beginner pair.  See the sizing chart at the embedded link.  Wraps will be required after your first session & are included in the purchase of your 15 or 30 Session Package.  See a trainer to receive a fresh pair!


BoxSTRONG uses a specific hand wrapping technique designed to offer your hands & wrists protection, support, and comfort. 

Linked here is a step by step tutorial.


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