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We're thrilled to welcome you to our newly renovated & designed boxing studio located at:


1101 Third Avenue

New Brighton, PA 15066


Please know that community is waiting to welcome you!  Tap into it by connecting on our various platforms:


Wix Spaces App

BoxSTRONG Crew Facebook Group

You can find our public social media accounts linked below!


If you enter our facility when a class is in session, please make your way through the Studio and head to our Lounge.  Help yourself to a complimentary Beverage or Snack, utilize our Dressing Room & Restroom, and begin to wrap, change your shoes and prepare for class.  Once the Boxing Studio is clear, you can locate a Socially Distanced Station where you will reside for class. 


For every session you attend, including your first, you will need a pair of boxing gloves.  Linked here is an affordable beginner pair.  See the sizing chart at the embedded link.  Wraps will be required after your first session & are included in the purchase of your 15 or 30 Session Package.  See a trainer to receive a fresh pair!


BoxSTRONG uses a specific hand wrapping technique designed to offer your hands & wrists protection, support, and comfort. 

Linked here is a step by step tutorial to proper wrapping.


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